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Pacific Kwila (Merbau)

Pacific Kwila, also known as Merbau, is a resinous tropical hardwood principally forested in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands of the South Pacific, but also found in Papua New Guineau and Northern Australia. It is regarded as one of the most durable timbers in the world and has been used for many generations in boat building, flooring, external decking, marine jetties, and even salt-water jetty stumps.


Merbau has a hardness factor of 8.6 compared to other popular timbers species such as Jarrah (8.5), Cypress Pine (6.5), Teak (4.5), and Western Red Cedar (1.5).

Pacific Kwila is one of the world’s most stable woods with less than 3% shrinkage at 12% moisture content and is classified as one of the world’s “ironwoods." It is double the density of teak and is 50% more dense than Oak. It has been used extensively in Southeast Asia for everything from railroad ties to shipbuilding. Europeans have prized its appearance and durability for centuries and it is found in many European cathedrals including the Dom in Cologne Germany. Furniture made from Pacific Kwila is extremely strong and durable. The wood contains a natural oil that is its secret and protects it from rotting, insects and weather. The wood is naturally deep red or reddish brown typically.


Pacific Kwila requires no maintenance. However, if the original appearance is to be retained, it will require coating with a lightweight oil 1-3 times a year typically. An oil treatment or penetrating stain and/or sealer can be used. Pacific Kwila has a life expectancy of 25 – 50 years with no maintenance. The only characteristic to remember is that the surface oil will bleed or weep initially when exposed to moisture and can stain. It is recommended to place the furniture where it will not stain anything during this time. Once the bleeding has finished, usually after an overnight rain or several days, Pacific Kwila never bleeds again. A great deal for a product that will serve you for the rest of your life! All exposed hardware on the furniture products is yellow zinc plated and brass fittings are used in all key areas.


Prior to manufacture, Pacific Kwila is kiln dried at a very high temperature. This is done for two reasons:


  • To stabilize the structure and moisture content of the timber.

  • To eradicate any infestation. In the forest, many creatures live on and within the trees.


This timber exhibits not only beautiful grain & appearance, but also durability when compared to other timbers used for outdoor furniture. When compared to other outdoor furniture products Pacific Kwila is:


  • Easier to clean and keep clean.

  • Offers better durability in a wide variety of climates.

  • Does not expand and contract as severely as other outdoor furniture products.

  • Naturally red to reddish brown in appearance and can be returned to the original appearance after turning grey with a minimum effort.

  • Significantly stronger than most other outdoor furniture products.

  • Uses all stainless steel, yellow zinc or brass hardware for maximum life.

  • Kwila products are designed with comfort first.

  • The best value for a product that will last for decades and continue looking great!