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Pacific Kwila Flooring

Pacific Kwila (Merbau) is a hardwood ideally suited to the manufacture of indoor flooring.


Not only does it have a a beautiful grain and appearance, but it is regarded as one of the world's most durable timers.


The extreme hardness provides a surface that is secure from all but the most severe impacts and scratches.


This ensures a wood floor that will provide many years of beautiful service.


Pacific Kwila Flooring Information


Pacific Kwila heartwood has a yellowish-brown or orange-brown color when first cut, turning darker with age to a brown or deep reddish-brown. Sapwood is white, pale yellow or buff, and sharply different from heartwood. The grain is variable but usually interlocked or wavy. The texture is coarse but even.


Class 2: Minimal shrinkage due to weathering and grain provides high resistance to splintering. Average life expectancy is 25-50 years with proper installation.


  • Environment Friendly.

  • MUF used in technical wood enhances heat and water resistance.

  • Moisture content of less than 10% reduces the risk of thickness swelling.

  • Special UV Acrylic Urethane coating provides scratch resistance.

  • Hygienic and free of dust mites.

  • Low formaldehyde emission.

Janka hardness is a test that measures the pounds of force it takes to drive a .44" diameter steel ball 1/2 its depth into the wood.



Installation Process
Merbau flooring can be installed in a similar fashion to most other types of indoor hardwood flooring. Please check with your dealer regarding any special requirements. It is highly recommended to always test any stains and sealers on a small section of flooring first before applying to the actual floor to ensure good results.




Shrinkage to:

12% MC


2.6% tangential


1.2% radial






Merbau flooring comes in a standard 90mm/3.5" width, 14mm/.55", or 19mm/.75" thickness, and random lengths of two, three, and four feet. The four side tongue and groove surfaces provide a floor that fits securely and neatly in almost any environment. Custom sizes are available. Please see your dealer for details.