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Pacific Kwila Decking

Merbau (Kwila) is a hardwood ideally suited to the manufacture of outdoor decking. Not only does it have a beautiful grain and appearance, it is regarded as one of the world's most durable timbers.


An abundance of natural oil in the wood ensures your outdoor setting looks good, is easy to maintain, and lasts for many years . . . in all conditions!


Pacific Kwila Decking Information


Merbau heartwood has a yellowish-brown or orange-brown color when first cut, turning darker with age to a brown or deep reddish-brown. Sapwood is white, pale yellow or buff, and sharply different from heartwood. The grain is variable but usually interlocked or wavy. The texture is coarse but even.


Class 2: Highly resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather, clear of ground, and well drained with free circulation. Merbau is moderately decay resistant on the ground. Minimal shrinkage due to weathering and grain provides high resistance to splintering. The average life expectancy is 25-50 years with proper installation.


Cutting, Drilling and Nailing
Working properties variable:

  • Turns well

  • Cuts clean but may have a blunting or gumming effect on cutting edge. Resistant to splintering.

  • Cutting angle should be reduced to 20 degrees when planing quarter sawn stock, the planed surface is also slightly oily.

  • Predrilling is required for self-tapping and deck screws.


  • Engineering: Cross arms, bridge building, piles sleepers, posts wharfing, mining and timbers

  • Construction: framing, Decking, treads, general construction

  • Decorative: Furniture (especially outdoor settings), turnery, paneling, joinery, shop fitting, cabinet making, parquet flooring, carving, veneer, counter and bench tops.

  • Others: Boatbuilding (especially for decking), vats, musical instruments and took handles

Janka hardness is a test that measures the pounds of force it takes to drive a .44" diameter steel ball 1/2 its depth into the wood.



Weathering Process
Merbau products need a minimum of care to maintain the new look of the timber. Merbau's natural oil will cause the deck to 'bleed' when initially exposed to rain or heavy dew. The tannin will appear as a dark red liquid similar to coffee. As the nature of each piece of timer is different, the bleeding period is unpredictable in length but generally is completed in a matter of hours. A thorough hose-down of the deck or heavy rainfall will assist in flushing excess tannnin away. The natural oil remaining in the wood acts as a preservative to protect the timber from splitting or cracking. Merbau will turn a silvery gray if left untreated but can easily be restored to the original color with simple maintenance.




Shrinkage to:

12% MC


2.6% tangential


1.2% radial




Insect Resistance

Merbau is highly resistant to insect infestation


Initial "bleeding" period must be completed before any application. Merbau accepts most common exotic or tropical hardwood treatments as well as some common treatments. It is recommended to test a small area prior to treatment.


Merbau flooring is available in a variety of sizes. Please contact your dealer for details. Custom sizes are also available.